Morocco: A One Stop Adventurer’s Paradise

Morocco is a great travel destination for adventurers, because it is full of adrenaline-inducing activities.  From beaches to mountains, oceans to deserts, Morocco has it all.  Morocco is a one-stop travel adventurer’s paradise, and here is why.

The Beaches

As a coastal African Country, Morocco has many different beaches.  People looking to enjoy active sports on the ocean should head for one of the country’s Atlantic shorelines.  As the trade winds come across the Atlantic Ocean from North America, they create the perfect environment for sailing, windsurfing (sail boarding), kite boarding and surfing.  Of course, just lying on the beach is also fun.  Essaouira is the most well-known beach, but Asilah is another fun place to hang out and enjoy the seaside culture.

The Sahara Desert

Many people enjoy exploring the Sahara Desert, and there are tours that take travelers of all different physical abilities into it.  Since there are no paved roads, ATVs and camelback rides are the most common modes of transportation into and out of this arid expanse.  For a different kind of adventure, people can stay in a tent overnight on the Sahara Desert and experience life as Morocco’s ancient nomadic ancestors knew it.

Todra Gorge and Tafaroute

The best rock climbing in Morocco is at the Todra Gorge and Tafaroute.  Although the Dadres Gorge is a magnificent place to visit, climbing there does not compare to the climbing at Todra Gorge and Tafaroute.  Most climbers come to this area to ascend the 1000 ft. limestone cliffs, but they leave remembering their nights at the nearby hotels.

If climbers stay at the right hotel, they will undoubtedly be captivated by Morocco’s culture.  The cheapest rooms are often “campsites” on the hotel’s roof, but these are also the most primitive rooms.  A local guide will gladly point out the best climbing routes, free of charge.  Most importantly, get to know the staff at the hotel.  If they invite you for mint tea, a daily Moroccan tradition, accept the invitation.  Climbers should also eat the homemade food at their hotel and ask the owners to play some songs on their traditional drums.  These memories are what makes climbing in Morocco so memorable.

(Since this is not an advertisement for a hotel, specific names have been omitted.  Just remember rock climbers like cheap accommodations that are near the cliffs.  That should help you find the right place).

Oukaimeden and Mischliffen

Oukaimeden and Mischliffen are Morocco’s two ski slopes.  These pale in comparison to true ski destinations, such as the Alps, Andes or Rockies.  However, Morocco’s mountains offer a ski adventures that cannot be found at world-renowned resorts.

Both Oukaimeden and Miscliffen have ski lifts, but these are not reliable.  Oukaimeden’s lifts usually are more reliable than Miscliffens, and Oukaimeden has a backup system: donkeys.  Even when the lifts are running, skiers can take a donkey up the slope.  At Miscliffen, they just have to walk if the lifts are down.

There are many adventures awaiting visitors in Morocco.  Whether you are looking for a beachside vacation or a winter getaway, Morocco has it all.  That is why Morocco is the one-stop adventurer traveler’s destination.

Ethan Steadman writes for Morocco Tours, which offers a number of tour options (  Here is a post about more rock climbing (

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