The Top 15 Most Visited Tourist Attractions in Asia

With its easy accessibility and comfortable affordability, Asia is the ultimate travel destination especially during the summer months. It offers its tourists exciting cities, interesting cultures, fascinating wildlife, and colorful festivals. Get a load of some of the most popular places in Asia that will surely make your entire vacation worthwhile.

Batanes (Philippines)

Dubbed as the country’s final frontier, this island has its own language, clothing, and customs. This is the area where the Pacific Ocean meets the South China Sea so the rumbles of the waters can be heard practically anywhere. Enjoy the lovely coastlines and volcanic rocks.

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Boko National Park (Cambodia)

For those who are looking for some wildlife adventure, they should be able to enjoy trekking this jungle and hopefully spot Malayan sun bears, hornbills, and rhesus monkeys. It also has the Ream National Park that offers boat rides through mangroves.

Borobudur (Indonesia)

The world’s largest Buddhist structure, Borobudur is rigged by mountains and is swallowed by jungles. Now that it has gone through the necessary restorations, this structure has been looked to symbolize the formless nirvana.

Image used under Creative Commons from Flickr user Seth Mazow

Jaisalmer (India)

This remote corner in India is a great spectacle with its 99 circular turrets that rise out of the Thar Desert. Inside the Golden City, there is a mansion that once housed rich merchants with its gorgeous balconies and parapets.

Ko Samui (Thailand)

The Samui Island with its beachfront resorts and bungalows offers the perfect tropical getaway for anyone who is seeking to enjoy the summer sun. It has nightlife hotspots and a marine park along with an interesting mummified monk at Wat Kunaram.

Halong Bay (Vietnam)

Along with its 600 square miles of coves and grottoes, the Halong Bay also features more than 2,000 limestone outcrops in the waters of Halong Bay. The place has numerous islands of varied sizes with enclosed lakes and other wonders.

”]”]Mount Everest (Nepal)

Not everyone may have the chance to get to the peak of the tallest mountain in the world but anyone should be content enough to see this majestic natural wonder in all its glory. Rising at a height of 29,029 feet, this tops the list of any visitor who is looking to visit Asia.

Perhentian Islands (Malaysia)

These two paradise islands – the Besar and Kecil – boast to having the loveliest sunsets. With only a few residents, these islands remain uninfluenced by the modern world with its rawness and simplicity. Visitors can swim in its crystal clear waters or do turtle watching at the Three Coves Bay.

Shopping Districts (Singapore)

World-class shopping is what this country promises to offer its tourists. Anyone would want to visit this country with its upstanding character and pristine streets. These are all highly attributed to the strict government regulation that is imposed on its citizens and visitors.

Snow Festival (Japan)

If you are looking for a true winter wonderland, visit Sapporo, Asahikawa, and Yokote and enjoy these majestic places as they are bathed in snow. You should be able to appreciate their psychedelic snowscape and dazzling ice sculptures.

Taj Mahal (India)

This world famous structure took 22 years to construct and stands to this day as a testimony of the love of Emperor Shah Jahan to his late wife. This was built during the 17th century and is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Image used under Creative Commons from Flickr user alainbourgoise

Temples of Angkor (Cambodia)

This attraction is a staple in any tourist map as it still continues to welcome tourists to these ancient temples. An extensive building campaign by the kings of ancient Cambodia from the 9th to the 10th century gave rise to these temples that were dedicated to Hindu and Buddhist deities.

Victoria Peak (Hong Kong)

Victoria Peak is the highest point in the city that rises to 1,810 feet with more than 9 million visitors annually. The city of Hong Kong is also home to the Temple of Heaven and the Forbidden that also brings in a big number of tourists every year.

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World Heritage Sites (Japan)

Kyoto in Japan is home to many UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other city in Asia. This place is teeming with ancient temples that are both fascinating and interesting. Aside from the Imperial Palace, the city also offers the Nagashima Spa Land, an amusement park and spa center.

Tokyo Disneyland (Japan)

Tokyo Disney is the most popular tourist attraction in all of Asia. In fact, this place brings in a massive 25 million visitors annually. Aside from this world-famous amusement park, visitors should visit the Meiji Shrine along with the numerous cultural museums and sights.

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